Abanaki Oil Belt Skimmers:
The most cost-effective way to remove oil from water

Since 1968, Abanaki® has been serving our clients in the UK and around the world with belt skimmers for all applications; from local job shops to giants like Toyota and Boeing, from 1 gph to 200 gph, from food processors to remediation to machine coolant and beyond. Have oil on water? We have your skimmer!

The Abanaki Advantage

  • Belt materials available include corrosion-resistant steel, specially engineered polymer, high temperature polymer, Elastomer and Fuzzy®.
  • Wiper material can be Nitrile, CRV, ceramic impregnated/UHMW hybrid, and stainless steel.
  • Most housings utilizes a corrosion-resistant powder coated finish; 304 stainless steel housings may be available.
  • Abanaki skimmers will perform in a full range of liquid water temperatures, with pH between 3 and 13.
  • Belt length is specified by the user; some length restrictions apply.
  • The standard drive on all units is an electric motor and gear reducer. Other drive types available.

Oil Skimmers

Grease Grabber® Oil Skimmer
Oil Viper Oil Skimmer
Mighty Mini® SST Oil Skimmer
Oil Boss® Oil Skimmer
Oil Concentrator®
Oil Grabber® Model 4 Oil Skimmer
Oil Grabber® Model 8 Oil Skimmer
Oil Grabber® Model MB Oil Skimmer
Groundwater Remediation Oil Skimmer
Tote-It Oil Skimmer
Li'l Blue™  Oil Skimmer
Oil Skimmers from Abanaki
Abanaki Oil Grabber Model 4

Coolant Maintenance Products

TubeTastic!™ Oil Skimmer
Mighty Disk™ Oil Skimmer
Mighty Mini® SST Oil Skimmer
Cool Disk Oil Skimmer
EconoMini™ Oil Skimmer
Coolant Mints™
Coolescer™ Coolant Refresher
Q-VAC™ 100
Abanaki Aerators
Coolant Maintenance Products from Abanaki

Oil Skimming Benefits

  • Remove oil from water inexpensively
  • Save coolant costs by removing tramp oil through coolant separation
  • Avoid contamination with dirty coolant removers
  • Conserve parts wash water by removing oily wastes
  • Avoid plugging of spray heads and filters
  • Reduce fluid disposal costs
  • Recycle and reuse oil as a lubricant or fuel
  • Meet government requirements for water discharge
ISO 9001/2000 Company
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Breaking News

Case Study: Albert Looms (UK)

Automobile recycler Albert Looms uses the Abanaki Oil Skimmer Model 4, in place of a saucepan, for effective skimming.
Read case study now.

Oil Skimming 101 - Watch the new webinar now!

Adapted from the Abanaki Oil Skimming Guide, the 10-minute webinar (online video tutorial) delivers a comprehensive introduction on oil skimming, including the reasons why oil skimming is widely acknowledged as the most cost-effective method of removing oil from water.
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High Cost of Oil Drives Interest in Oil Skimming

With oil prices at a record high and experts saying that crude oil may stabilize at $100 per barrel, manufacturing companies are now thinking about the profitability of recovering oil from their wastewater. Instead of paying for costly disposal of oily wastewater, plants can reclaim the oil using an oil skimmer and sell the recovered oil to a recycler or burn the oil to lower energy costs. After it has been separated using oil skimming equipment, the wastewater may be reused in industrial processes or—in many cases—released into municipal sewer systems without paying a surcharge. See complete story.

Abanaki's Engineering E-Book

This book is the company's most detailed authority on oil skimming equipment. It includes detailed engineering drawings and covers motor types and belt selection for Abanaki's full line.
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Contact Information

Abanaki [UK] Limited
Oil Skimmer Division

Unit 13 • Avondale Business Centre
Woodland Way • Kingswood • Bristol
BS15 1AW
United Kingdom
Phone +01179 616679 
Toll Free
E-mail skimmers@abanaki.co.uk 
+01179 616687


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